Cloud Security Training

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Our Cloud  Live on Line class starts September 5, 2015.

Cloud course description and outline (here)

Security CISSP course description and outline (here)

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National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies:  We now offer highly selective NICCS courses within each of the seven Cybersecurity frameworks designated by the Department of Homeland Security: Securely Provision (building IT Systems), Operate and Maintain (IT systems performance and security), Protect and Defend (IT systems threats), Investigate (cyber events and/or crimes of IT systems), Collect and Operate (deception operations and Cybersecurity information collection), Analyze (evaluate Cybersecurity information for intelligence), Oversight and Development (managing Cybersecurity work).

More on NICCS below — we have done your homework on narrowing down the scope of the NICCS Catalogue

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The Plan

We have a plan for you. Our plan works. Our content plan is available live, on ipad or iphone. We offer  classes on security topics and certification.  We divide the workload into very doable chunks.  You receive immediate feedback and one-on-one evaluation. Visit our live classes with live students before purchasing to see if it’s right for you.  We have a Plan. Follow the plan and it will work for your greater success.