iContent on the Go

LIN Direct mobile app: Get our greater CISSP content with the interactive level of support you can choose through Learn It Now, or LIN Direct.  Now, you can select the CISSP content you need and you choose the level of support you want on the go available on your mobile device.  This year 51% of all technical training is asynchronous. Using our LIN Direct App, you get a plan and make all the choices so it’s right for you.

Ethical Hacking

Our pen testing and incident handling services enhance and fortify the overall security of your business enterprise.  The scope of our testing depends on your budget and your goals, and we treat every customer with the greatest of care, regardless of the size of the test.We review the results with you and discuss alternatives for fortification based on your priorities and your resources.  Businesses rely on good defense in the virtual world as well as sound business policy.

The Plan

We have a plan for you. Our plan works. Our content plan is available live, on ipad or iphone. We offer  classes on security topics and certification.  We divide the workload into very doable chunks.  You receive immediate feedback and one-on-one evaluation. Visit our live classes with live students before purchasing to see if it’s right for you.  We have a Plan. Follow the plan and it will work for your greater success.