978-0-9966191-4-1 CISSP video course

If you find errors please email cissperrata@expandingsecurity.com

Easter egg prizes for the CISSP video course.

  2. This is for fun.
  3. You do not need to be pefcet.
  4. We reserver the right to stop due to misbehavior.
  5. Send email
    • iwantmycissp at expandingsecurity.com
    • Subject: “EE” + topic (from beginning of video)
    • Body: What you you saw or answer to question
  6. Prizes to 2nd, 7th, 17th, 29th, 41st, 53rd, 67th,…
    • Can you see the pattern? Then you can keep playing the game.
  7. Prizes include pocket protectors, toys, snacks, and books.
  8. The more difficult the easter egg , the bigger the prize!
  9. Major errata finds also count for 1st person to find them.
    • There are over 20 Easter eggs to find, some are silly.