Cyber Security 101



Cyber Security 101 (CYBR-101)

This is a closed class. It requires a contract. On-site for 20 people.

Days: 5 Days –  Prerequisite:  NONE – Labs: Yes – Internet connected or after class available

Type of Course: Beginner Security / Managerial / Technical Prerequisite skill: Networking


About this course: This is specifically not an awareness course. Practice in this course will lead to excellence in business process as it relates to cybersecurity. This course is a beginner-level security skills and knowledge base course for business professionals. Students will learn the security components and principles of cybersecurity. Each person will be able to communicate with cyber security professionals about their activities as it relates to the mission.


Goals:  We expect every student to learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to communicate with leaders of an enterprise security program


Objectives: Upon completion of the course the student will understand that they have a role in cybersecurity. Any actions that they perform on systems have an impact on the rest of the mission. Students will be able to analyze security requirements in contracts and map them back to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements for the organization.



Engineering principles

Domain name system

Access control

Risk Management & Assessment


System engineering

Secure software development

Vulnerability management

Intrusion prevention and detection



Virtual private networks

Configuration management


Public key infrastructure

Patch management

Continuity planning

Incident response


Supply chain risk management

Asset classification




Methods of instruction: There are 8 different possible exercises that can be used in a module. Some examples include: threats and controls, case studies, risk analysis practice, and reading review. Technical labs will require basic skills in operating systems and virtualization. As soon as students become too comfortable, the instructor will switch methods.