System Administration (SADM-201)



System Administration (SADM-201)

This is a closed class. It requires a contract. On-site for 22 people.

Days: 5 Days Labs: Yes –Local Cyber Range

Type of Course: Advanced  Security / Technical

Prerequisite skills: 

About this course: Maps to NICE Operate and Maintain specialty areas responsible for providing the support, administration, and maintenance necessary to ensure effective and efficient IT system performance and security. We examine each administrator’s responsibilities for knowing basic security system administration, network, and operating system hardening techniques.

Goals: Installs, configurations, troubleshooting, and maintaining server configurations (hardware and software) to ensure their confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Additional concentration can include managing accounts, firewalls, and patches, access control, passwords, and account creation and administration.

Topics: Server administration and systems engineering theories, concepts, and methods for integrating server components, fundamental server diagnostic tools, fault identification techniques, performance tuning tools and techniques, certain managerial techniques including an understanding of architecture, organizational, user security policies and measures or indicators of system performance and availability.

Methods of instruction: There are 8 different possible exercises that can be used in a module. Some examples include: threats and controls, case studies, risk analysis practice, and reading review. Technical labs will require basic skills in operating systems and virtualization. As soon as students become too comfortable, the instructor will switch methods.

Students are expected to have basic experience in the areas of networking and DoD Cybersecurity as well as knowledge of related Cybersecurity policies and procedures.  Course support DISA responsibilities in DoD Cybersecurity Discipline Implementation Plan, DoD I 8551.01, the STIG’s and NIST SP800-53. The course covers topics in NICCS / NICE and ARTEP.