Legal agreements

As our motto says we would preferred that people act with freedom, responsibility, and security. 

Refund policy.

Since we are a digital organization a student has access to all of the resources of our class at first login.

Three days after the username and password has been accessed for the first time there is no refund. 

Litigation due to content of class.

At the beginning of every live class students are required to accept the rules of the classroom, or they must exit. 

These rules read as follows:

  1. That all material, recordings and discussions are the intellectual property of the respective owner.
  2. To not offer or accept the intellectual property of the respective owners without written consent.
  3. To not use or communicate the techniques or business processes of Expanding Security LLC in any future training for any reason.
  4. To not start or perpetuate the on-line training business or be affiliated with an online training business for two years.
  5. There are no guarantees of any kind given to those using the information from the conversations, recordings, or materials.
  6. That nothing said in the meetings can be used in legal proceedings.

Storage of Credit cards

Expanding Security only holds PCI data long enough to complete the transaction. We have made every effort to follow reasonable PCI-DSS requirements for a business of our size.

Right to be forgotten – GDPR

We do not believe we have any E.U. citizens data in our website database. If that is not the case and a request to be forgotten is issued via email- we will remove all data, to the best of our ability.

We will not contact the requestor again if possible. We may have archived email with the requestors details; we will not purge that email until our next purge cycle.

Any questions or request can be sent to our mailing address, email or phone.