Business Activities

Partner Activities

We see great employees in our classes

Need a Job, we need a partner

Sell each other's services

What can we do for our partners?

… with Freedom, Responsibility, and Security for All.

This is how we run our business. This is what we expect from our partners.

4|25's Rule

How do we make it fair for everyone?

There are 4 components to the training business. Administration, Sales, Delivery, and Content.  Each component represents 25% of the total business process.

25% of the effort = 25% of the money

Our process: We define the activities, place a value on them, and do our job.

Working with partners, not hiring employees

The Gig Economy means everyone, everyday sings for their supper. We have worked with many people for 10-20 years. We believe in the platinum rule: treat people how they want to be treated. So do you want to be an equal partner in the process?

An example of trust in us: We came upon a deal that we did not do, but our customer wanted us to lead. We called a long-time partner and explained the deal, but we had no idea what the final price was going to be and asked if they could be onboard. The response from our partner was, “I am sure it will be fair, whatever it is. Let’s do it.”

The first activity that a potential trainer will perform is evaluation of a standing instructor.

We are looking for courseware authors, question writers, case study jockeys, graders, and lab builders.

Can you sell? Will you learn consultative sales? Do you know the products?

Requirements for Partnering

  1. Follow the 4|25
  2. Understand the role we each play
  3. Transparency: Everyone in the deal sees the deal
  4. Every deal must stand on its own
  5. No sub-sub contracting – or we must see the original contract

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