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Our Job

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30% increase in sales

We work with national and global cybersecurity and  information technology organizations. Each one built a program with us to increase sales using consultative sales in cybersecurity. Over 2-5 years of activity increased sales by 30%.

Our process: We take our student statistics, your metrics, combine them, measure the current outcomes and create plans that meet your goals.  We focus on:

Salesforce training

Salesforce retention
Exceeding quota
Increase client acquisition rates
Increase sales volume
Upgrade existing client engagement

Security engineer training

Identifying root cause
Reducing trouble ticket costs
Speeding up analysis process
Matching product service

Requirements for engagement

  1. Our minimum consulting engagement is 5-10 business days.
  2. Our Salesforce training requires 3 years of company business metrics
  3. The salesforce must be more than 30 people strong
  4. We expect to train 2 cohorts of 10 salespeople in the first year

When can we meet?